The boy who didn’t grow up

Illustration: Harshad Marathe

As a child, Daniel was identified as a troublemaker. But after his death, Lakeisha Goedluck remembers him as someone who simply wanted to play.

Will Barbie ever die?

Malaika Francique

Following the gargantuan success of Barbie’s first live-action film, Otamere Guobadia delves into what drives our obsession with the world iconic doll

Creatives for Palestine: A call to our community

Aude Nasr

As storytellers and artists, we have a crucial role to play in challenging the decades-long dehumanisation of Palestinians. Now is the time to direct all our collective efforts towards Palestinian liberation.

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A reading list for Palestine solidarity

As the dust settles and the news cycle moves on until the next onslaught, we invite you to sustain and deepen your solidarity by immersing yourself in Palestinian stories and ideas

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them’s the breaks: WE OUT

A statement from RESOLVE Collective, who have pulled their exhibition ‘them’s the breaks’ from the Barbican’s Curve Gallery, following a series of hostile encounters and an incident of anti-Palestinian censorship.